About Us

Featherstone Christian Camp exists to provide a natural environment
to teach and encourage personal growth free from worldly distractions. 

Featherstone Canyon Christian Camp has  something  for  everyone  in  the  family so whatever your interests may be Featherstone Christian Camp will keep you coming back again and again. May God bless You and Your Family.

History of the Camp

Featherstone Christian Camp in 2003 was almost completely destroyed by San Diego's largest wildfire in history, the 2003 Cedar Wildfire. But how would God use the ashes from the fire and the devastation from our broken hearts for His Glory? God brought his people together, he brought us a sister camp in Ohio named RoundLake Christian Assembly  who would adopt us and send numerous work crews to help us rebuild God's Camp. God would raise new buildings and facilities. God would bring us a new coordinator and staff. God would bring us a renewed vision and spirit for his camp. All for His glory. So when we say welcome to the New Featherstone Christian Camp we mean it quite literally.
There is still much that needs to be done to bring the camp back to 100% pre-fire conditions and you can help with a donation or volunteering of your time. Please contact the camp for more information. I am sure you will be blessed beyond measure and your help is appreciated.

Contact Us
Randy Bennett - Camp Manager

PO Box 301,
Lakeside, California

619 929 9333

Welcome to the Featherstone Canyon Christian Camp website. We will try to keep it up to date and relevant for you.


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